I’m very excited that my line of dinosaur kids products are now available through Crocodile Creek.  I thought I would post some process images.  Here are some of the final products. Floor puzzle, backpack, and wrist watch.

This is the first sketch of the floor puzzle.  At this point I usually start by blocking in shapes so I know where things are going to go.  puzzlesketchlineart

They  wanted patch work style background. Instead of just doing solid blocks of color I thought it would be fun to to incorporate, line art, flat texture, and dimensional space into the piece.  The T-Rex was the star of the show so we wanted to get him nailed down next.
trex1The first two sketches were a little to mean so I went back and made him a little more goofy. He even looks a little more friendly in the final.   trexrevisedAfter I completed the Dinosaur project we went straight into a  monster project.  Here is the sketch and final  for the floor puzzle.monstersketchmonsterfinal