I just filled up my most recent sketch book. Usually there is not much in my sketch books of much interest. Mostly they are filled with sketches for illustration assignments, random ideas, and the occasional grocery list. There were a few nuggets in this one though that I thought I would post. These would fall into the category of Cluster Flux drawings.


Cluster Flux is an ongoing series of drawings I’ve been doing for about nine years. They started off as spontaneous warm up exercises, the criteria being that they would be non representational and I would do no editing . Over the years they have evolved from abstract cartoonism, to assembled inkjet prints, and animated dynamic drawings.


Most of my attempts to “improve” on them by adding color or trying to apply more formal rendering have mostly failed. I think they are best simply as pure line and texture.


The Cluster Flux drawings are kind of the primordial soup from which most of my other work comes bubbling to the surface. I find new line qualities, shapes and sometimes characters emerge from the tangle of lines.


In the drawings from this sketch book, the “clustering” is more condensed making them look almost figurative.


I’ve never really shown the Cluster Flux drawings, however the dynamic drawings were used in a public art project and played on screens installed in the elevators of office buildings in San Francisco.


Maybe at some point I will self publish them into a book or create a web site. Or, maybe they will just accumulate in the box labeled Cluster Flux.