It’s been busy, busy lately. I’ve just finished some great assignments.

Recently I completed artwork for the Nissan QuashQai Urban proof campaign for TBWA-London. It was a lot of fun to create the graffiti style monsters. The ads ran in a very cool way, mixed in with the listings in weekly entertainment guides. You can check out all the ads and how they ran on Tbwa-London’s web site.

QuashQai Composit

Keeping with the theme of monsters and cars. I just finished this fun piece for Ranger Rick Magazine. The illustration is for the “Readers Riddles” section. Kids write in and submit their jokes to the magazine, the editors choose the funniest ones for publication. This one deals with a T-Rex’s eating habits. It is great to have illustrations published in magazines that I enjoyed as a kid. I’ve worked with the folks over at RR for many years and it is always a pleasure to get a call from them. There is some fun stuff for kids on their web site as well as great resources for students and educators. Here is a link to the BIRD BRAINS game I designed for the site years ago with my good friend Jeremy Seitz.

This illustration was created for Boys Life Magazine. The article was a feature on green living. The opener was about Rishi Sowa’s, Sprial Island. A little floating personal paradise he created out of recycled water bottles. Along with this story there are other inspiring and entertaining stories of clever people doing things differently.