It’s been awhile since I’ve been to the zoo. Along with a commission for street banners, posters, and bus ad’s, came a trip to Salt Lake City and a day at Hogel Zoo.

I was greeted bright and early by the very perky P.R. Coordinator Holly.

She introduced me to the zoo’s graphics team. I secretly hoped I would walk in to find a group of chimpanzees spinning around in aeron chairs. After talking about a few technical issues I set off with Holly for a tour of the zoo. We looked at the orangutans, spider monkeys, Capuchins, a white alligator, then met up with the Richter 7 advertising guys.

I spent the rest of the morning touring the zoo , talking about art work and animals, and taking reference photos.

They indulged my life long fascination with our human cousins with extended stops at the primate forest, and great ape exhibit.

Yes. I love all things simian.

As well as being a much needed escape from the studio, the trip to Hogel Zoo was very helpful in capturing the tone of illustrations I was trying to achieve. The zoo creates a space where we can have a shared experience with some of the most beautiful creatures on the the planet. A space that blurs the distance between humans and animals, our manufactured environment, and the natural world.

Thanks Holly, and Ryan for a great day and sorting out all the deails.