This week my time has been spent updating my web site (still not finished), getting a new promo printed and sent out. As I have no real news or new art to post I’ll be turning to my sketch book for this weeks content.

I’ve been playing around with new types of characters lately. Trying to break away from common associated forms. Facial features are what we use to convey and identify emotion. Stripping away (or greatly diminishing) those features it becomes very challenging to give something “character”. That said I think that some of these sketches do have some level of personality. Another way to create character is through movement. Even with no facial features at all a personalty and an emotional connection can be created just by how an object moves. These experiments in character are leading in that direction. Maybe the next step is multiple panels and of course there is the option of animation. If you have any thoughts or comments by all means, give me a shout.