Having a illustration portfolio filled mostly with monsters, autumn is always one of my busiest seasons of the year and recently  I’ve had  lots of new assignments coming in. I feel very fortunate to have work coming in as the economy is circling the drain.

I’m plugging away on a series of educational books for Lerner publishing. The series is called “Gross Body”.  It has been really fun working on these titles. Some of the illustrations are just crazy. Bloated stomach characters, drippy chyme factories, and lots of cool bacteria critters. In case you are wondering, chyme is the goo that leaves your stomach after the acid has done its job on the food you eat.

Also just started a gruesome goodies cookbook for Storey Publishing.  It has recipes for all kinds of ghoulish nosh for Halloween parties.

Throw in a few magazine illustrations and that leaves just about enough time to eat, shower, and sleep, and create a Bearded Bogie Boogie print. I think it is kind of a self portrait.  As I tend to forgo the shaving ritual when I have multiple assignments going at once, and man two extra heads and another arm would be a great help.

You can check him out in the updated slackart store.  I’ve finally reopened the store with a few new items and a few older ultra ltd. edition prints. Also available in the store are Wax Pack mini print sets.