I’m Back!  So what has been happening over the past few months? Well, work and monsters sums it up. Over the past few months I’ve been hard at work on multiple illustration projects. I’ve finished a few of them so I’ll have some time to start regularly posting again.

Here are some images for all you curious folks.



This is the cover from a monster sticker book for Mudpuppy. They are the same publisher that will be releasing my 100 piece monster puzzle. This project was so much fun. It encompassed two of my favorite things. Monsters, and stickers.  I was given complete freedom with the design of  the monsters.  I really tried to push the limit on the weirdo-ness for the age range.  I gave the hand lettering a  bold Flora-esq color treatment.  I really like how the text on his album covers stand out.  Hopefully kids will be bugging their parents for this sticker set.  There are 40 different monster stickers and little miscellaneous mini stickers. It will be out the same time as the puzzle in fall 2009.



What is this bag of rotting flesh and bones going to used for?  Believe it or not it is one of 30 illustrations for a cook book. Yes, a cook book!  It is called Ghoulish Goodies, and will be published by Storey publishing in fall 2009.  There are six chapters of  creepy recipies and ghoulish ideas for monster themed parties for both  kids and adults. I created 6 full page illustrations for each of the chapter openers and 30 spots illustration to be sprinkled around the rest of the book. Here is another of the full page pieces.

eyeballsoup With this project I tried a few new things.  I wanted to use more simplified shapes and think more about design rather than micro    detailing.  I was trying to go for something between completly 2-d flat and 3-d rendered.  It still has all that great texture  I love to use.



Hear a gurggling in your pipes?  Well maybe this guy is wreaking havoc on you plumbing.

This full page piece will be running in Common Ground magazine.  The article is titled Hidden Dangers, and deals with the corroding infrastructure beneath some of our major cities. The art director wanted some sort of monster who lived in the sewers.  A crazy mutated alligator-snapping turtle beast is what I came up with.  I kind of like the blue blood veins running along it’s underbelly.  Kind of cool the have a really hard protective carapace on its back but then a vulnerable semi-transparent plastronless belly. Again in this illustration I was thinking more about design and simplified shapes.  I’m liking the results.  It is making the work more spontaneous which is always good for me as I tend to get lost in minute detailing.



Every once in a while I get asked to do concept art for animated tv show pitches. This group of characters was done for a Toronto based production company.

These types of jobs can get pretty frustrating when trying to accommodate everyone’s ideas of what the characters should look like.  Ultimately you end up creating some awful amalgamation of bad ideas.  This project was not like that at all.  They gave me complete freedom to come up with characters for the show. There were really no changes  from the first sketches to the final characters.  It is so nice to have these types of clients. Clients that trust you to come up with something really cool.  It  comes down to hiring the right illustrator for the job.  If you like someones work and it’s the style and tone fits the job you cant go wrong.

There is a portion of some of the stuff I’ve been working on. I’ll be posting some of the other non monster related art in the next few days.