Over the past two weeks I have had a little time to devote to personal art.  These are two new pieces that have just been completed. Could this be the next evolution of my ongoing cluster flux art?  In the past the cluster flux work has been entirely line driven using only black and white.  These started out exactly the same way, interconnected lines, and patterns, placed in a minimalistic field that develop into clusters of visual information.  This time I was curious to see how they would look if I blocked in shapes with color.  I tried to keep everything as flat as possible with only small hints of dimensionality to try and minimize the association with the world of tangible objects. Even so, I still think that these fall in to the category of character based or figurative art. One more so than the other. In the end I guess they exist outside of the cluster flux series, as the cluster flux are pure abstractions. Either way they sure were fun to make.