Here are a few new illustrations I have just finished. They accompany true or false questions.

Can you guess what the questions are that go with the images? poprocks




My wife and I recently took a vacation in Bermuda. We had a great week.


Great snorkeling. Beautiful scenery. Lots of scooters, and Brit’s in knee socks, ties and sport coats.


Strong tea, mini sandwiches, and a hurricane named Bill.


They were boarding up the windows at Bermuda International Airport as we were waiting for our flight. It’s the first time I’ve ever been sealed in an airport.

A view of Hurricane Bill taken from inside the Airport.


It’s taken me some time to get back into the swing of things.  My brain and body like vacationing. Even when its vacationing with a hurricane.  When I get back the last thing my brain and body want to do is stare at a screen hunched over a desk. I’m generally a very focused freelancer.  A get up and go straight to work kind of guy.  This past week though I’m coming up with just about any excuse not to be at the computer. Creating a thousand goofy errands to run, projects around the house that were in the “I’ll get to it eventually” folder,  have magically become very important.  What I realize is that a vacation needs to be two weeks long.