Exploration, experimentation, discovery, playfulness, have all gelled into a creative gelatinous goo that is surging through my brain. The past month or so I’ve been experiencing  an artistic high point where exciting things are happening on all the creative fronts.  By “happening” I mean personal artistic strides, not high profile projects, or big paying gigs.  On the personal art front I’ve been filling up sketch books with odd creatures.  I’ve also been experimenting different ways to reproduce them digitally and traditionally.

This is Kartik. A semi-divine, mythic toad creature.

This has also spilled into my commissioned work.  It has been exceedingly fun  working on all the new projects that have come in.  Approaching them with this rediscovered playfulness, has resulted in some pieces that I think are pretty darn cool. I have also just finished the first round of sketches on a new picture book for Bloomsbury. I’m playing around with compositions and graphic elements that I hope will add a fun visual component to the look of the book.

I seem to have stumbled onto this little path and I want see where it goes.

This is a sample of one of the pieces I did for an upcoming activity book for Klutz Press.   I would have loved this book when I was a kid. Kids can create strange creatures by interchanging different body parts and then trace them.

Got this poster in the mail a few weeks ago.  It was a piece I did for Weekly Reader. It is a police lineup that tells kids how to identify different types of germs.  I particularly like the Fungus guy.

This is a piece for an upcoming science textbook.  It accompanies an activity where students create “Planimals”creatures that have both plant and animal characteristics.   Looks like it could also be used as a fun border for a note pad.

Thought I would throw in some rejected sketches. I always find it interesting when I see other illustrators rejected sketches. These were rejected characters for Mac Worlds Macalope podcast.

A very important element was left out of the illustration brief. It was that the creature needed to have the head of a classic Macintosh computer. Here is the final approved piece.