A few weeks ago I was picking up a few items from the grocery store. I bought what I needed and headed home. When I was putting everything away I noticed this cool (but slightly dinged) sticker on the bunch of bananas I had just bought.  The following week I made a special trip back to the market just to get this brand of bananas. Mind you this is not the brand I normally buy and not the place I usually shop.    I do eat a lot of bananas and I do enjoy and collect stickers so I was able to justify that I had fallen for a marketing gimmick most likely targeted at kids. As I dug through the banana pile trying to find a more pristine banana sticker specimen I was  surprised to find that there were an entire line of these stickers. So I plastered my banana bunch with as many stickers as I could and proceeded to the express line. When I got home I did an internet search to see what the deal was with these little things.  Turns out I’m not the only one that took notice of these.  I also found out that there are collectors of just banana stickers.   I don’t know why this was surprising.  Then I came across a banana sticker maker activityon the Chaquita website. The tool is really simple. They have sets of, eyes, noses, mouths, to create a face.   So I messed around came up with this abstracted motif that reminded me of Mayan or Aztec art.  I got a little carried away and was inspired to create  these Chaquitatecs.

Each character is an assemblage of multiple banana stickers.

Not sure whether it was a good use of time but I’m glad to have purged the sudden fascination with banana stickers from my system.