Just got back from my first trip to San Diego. Did some sketching at the San Diego Zoo. I had intended to sketch monkeys and savanna animals but instead spent most of my sketching time in the aviaries sketching birds.  I found out from Betsy, a wonderful docent at the zoo, that the California state fossil is smildon californicus aka: the saber-toothed cat.  I had no idea that states have official fossils.

I found this ancient representation of the mammoth very interesting. I’m sure there will a character in my portfolio that looks surprisingly similar in the near future.

Caught the Joaquin Torres-Garcia exhibition of his constructivist works on wood, and toys at the San Diego Museum of Art.  It was very inspiring. Also got reacquainted with the work of Stewart Davis. Really enjoy his work.  While I was there I met artist Hugo Crosthwaite. He was working on a a large scale commission for the museum.  His works are  haunting scenes, beautifully rendered in graphite and charcoal.   Later that evening I went to see his gallery show which featured his work over the past 10 years.

Strolled around snapping silly photos like these: