I have just returned from a wonderful vacation in the Outernet. “WTF is the Outernet?” you ask. It is a place of peaceful solitude, where tweets are the sounds of birds, and posts have the smell of sweet pine sap.   A place devoid of the internet.   I had fallen into a routine of nearly constant link jumping, blog perusing, updating, following, and befriending.  So I just logged out for awhile ( except for checking my email).

Many projects in the works, and a few newly completed.

This is a prototype of a mini paper toy activity kit.

A few weeks back I received the color proofs of the artwork from my first picture book that I both wrote and illustrated”Monkey Truck”. It’s a very funny read aloud story for preschoolers. This is the cover.  Maybe I’ll post some process pictures.

Then there are these beauties.

They are the most recent addition to my Mod Monster series.  These were hand silk screened by the infamous sicko artist Mats!? They are my contribution to the Sti(n)ker Vending Machines.  For just one buck these machines spit out limited edition stickers featuring the art of many top notch artists.  There are only 100 of these printed. 50 will be cut and sold in the machines and the rest I’ve signed and made available on my website.

I’m very excited about these for two reasons:

  1. I got to collaborate with one of my favorite artists.
  2. These are the first screen printed versions of my artwork.

When I moved to San Francisco,( the first time) I was living in the Mission District. There was this video store called Leather Tongue Video (it is long gone now). They had this great sign with this creepy character with mouths where its eyes should be.  I went in and asked the guy in the shop who painted the sign. He said Mats!? and pointed to a small comic stand he had in the shop. On the shelf were a few copies of Mats!? comic Sicko. I’ve been a fan ever since.

Right now I have multiple childrens books in the works. In addition I’m about just about finished with my first e-book for a publisher in the U.K. which will be available later this summer.

Lastly, My web site is in need of an over haul. If anyone would like to trade their programming skills for original artwork, give me a shout!