Well, my little disheveled feline amigo is officially roaming the itunes alleyways. I’ve been excited about the possibilities of telling stories in a digital format for many years. It makes me happy to see that it is finally becoming a serious medium for interactive picture stories. Thank you touch screen.  I teamed up with the British publisher Winged Chariot for this title. With a background in traditional children’s book publishing, a top notch in house development team, and creative coding, Winged Chariot is setting the bar for this new and exciting medium.  One unique feature of Scruffy Kitty is the hidden “treat” layer that automatically appears on a specific day. Fun new visual elements magically appear.

So what is it about? It’s about a scruffy kitty who is transformed from a stray into a beloved pet. I wanted to create a story that follows “the going to bed ritual” in a fun and lighthearted way. The taking in of a stray is a simple act of compassion that everyone can relate to.

You can find the app along with screen shots in the app store on itunes. Available for ipad / iphone / ipod touch.