My work space consists of two desks pushed together. One desk for drawing and painting, and the other for the computer, monitor, scanner etc..  Sometimes while I’m uploading  a batch of art files I will pop over to the other side of the work space and doodle in a sketch book, cut some stickers, or put a quick glaze of paint on a new painting. When I’m working on multiple illustration assignments this space tends to be consumed by stacks of reference material, books and accumulated mail.  Regardless of what is happening at the “computer” desk I’m continually looking to the other side. When things  are busy I look to the other side  for reference and inspiration which is usually followed by the thought, ” Wow, I really need to clean my desk”.  Sometimes I just look to the other side while thinking. In this case I looked to the other side to see what I might do a blog post about and this is what I saw.

I. Monkey Truck: These are my advance copies of my first children’s book that I both wrote and illustrated.  I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. It has received favorable reviews from both Kirkus Reviews, and Publishers Weekly. I’m preparing a post  entirely dedicated to my little simian friend.  I’ll post some process pictures, book sketches and other fun stuff.

2. Cell Vinyl: Finally bought some. Don’t know how I’ve gone this long without them. Fluid, opaque, super fast drying, I’m smitten.

3. Mod Monster Painting:  This is a new painting for the huge, 111 group show at 111 Minna Gallery.  Every year the gallery has a end of the year group show of 111 artists.  I’ve been doing Mod Monster originals at the gallery’s Sketch Tuesdays events.  The show opens on Thursday December 2 from 5pm – late. If you are in or around San Francisco drop by.

4. “Scapegoat”: Just received the color proofs for a children’s book I just finished illustrating for Bloomsbury. The story was written by Dean Hale. The proofs look great and got my a-ok. I think this title will be out in 2012.

5.  Ranger Rick: Jim Palliot Cover art for the fall issue of Ranger Rick’s  Just for fun magazine, a collection of puzzles, games, and activities. I’ve been a fan of Jim’s art for a long time. It’s great to have illustrations in the same magazines as other artists you admire.

6. Fun with Post it Notes:  Used post it note as the collage elements on this grumpy fellow.